A simplified introduction to sustainability

We came up with the concept of The Framework LabTM to better address the need of some of our clients who are eager to explore how sustainable best practices can be implemented into their organization without launching a full-scale program. Going in with the idea of taking one small step at a time is far less daunting and certainly makes it easier to commit. So, we’ve designed a simplified solution that’s readily feasible for organizations of any size.

The Framework Lab is an à la carte solution that allows you to create your project from a select list of sustainability initiatives and pair it with the level of support that best suits you. How you choose to build your project package is up to you.

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Not sure where to start?

Book a consultation to get the conversation going about your sustainability goals.

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Features & Benefits

Simple initiative-based solutions to explore sustainable best-practices

Easily scalable into a full program

Customizable to your budget with a set package and price

How it works

Create an à la carte package that is uniquely catered to your business and we’ll collaboratively design the perfect initiative framework so you can start making your foray into sustainability.

Select the initiative(s) you want for your project and your required level of support

Decide on the best project package for you. Then, send us a quick message through our contact form listing your selection of initiative(s) and book your initial free 30-minute consultation.

We schedule your launch meeting

Once you’ve decided to work with us, we’ll book our first strategic meeting during which we’ll review the details of your business and your sustainability project. We’ll gather all the information we need to start our research and answer any questions you may have.

We generate a sustainability overview of your business

Our first deliverable is a simplified business assessment report based on the selected initiative(s) in your project. This provides a baseline from which we can build a unique framework for you.

We draw up your project roadmap

At this stage we present you with the project roadmap, so you can see each step of the way to achieving your goal. Together, we’ll review each task, milestone, deliverable and collaboratively work on a timeline that fits your schedule.

It’s GO time for the team

If you’ve opted for the ESSENTIAL or PREMIUM support, this is where we execute the plan. With the ESSENTIAL package, a dedicated project consultant will be assigned to your team to support the implementation process. With the PREMIUM package, we will manage the entire project through a blended team and keep you updated along the way.

Results are communicated into a project report

We’ve made it! Now that we have some tangible results, it’s time to communicate all your hard work into a project report that you can share with your stakeholders. It’s also the opportune time to review the project and see how you can move onward from here.

Selection of Initiatives

Our initiatives are organized under various sustainability areas. Some may vary in level of complexity and some may seem like big projects, but they have all been simplified to fit perfectly within the concept of The Framework Lab.

Carbon Management

An introduction to carbon footprinting and how to start managing greenhouse gas emissions from your operations.

Energy Management & Renewable Energy:

Review of your current energy consumptions to develop energy efficiency strategies.

Waste Management

How to better manage pre-and post-operation waste and explore how the 4 R’s of waste management (Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle) can be applied to your organization.

Water Management

Understanding your operations water profile and strategies to manage it.

Plastic Management

Understanding the plastic impact of your operations and strategies to reduce its use in your value chain.

Sustainable Products & Packaging

Review of product offering to improve the life cycle stages of your products.

Sustainable Governance

Review of current governance structure and strategies to develop transparency, accountability and performance.

Stakeholder Engagement

How to unlock stakeholder synergies to collaboratively improve your Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) performance.

Have some suggestions of projects you would like to start but are not listed?

We would love to hear them and work with you to design a new Framework Lab project.

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Level of Support

Choose from three levels of support. Still unsure? Book a free consultation, we will be happy to guide you through to the perfect package for you.


You’ve got a goal in mind and all you need is a little bit of guidance on how to design your project so you and your team can manage it on your own. We provide you with an assessment of your organization based on your chosen initiative(s), some top recommendations and a roadmap to kickstart your new project.


Everything from the STARTER plan, plus a dedicated sustainability consultant to support you and your team through the implementation process. In addition, once your project is complete, we’ll generate a project report so you can share your results with your stakeholders.


All the features from the ESSENTIAL plan with the added bells and whistles of a dedicated team of sustainability specialists who will manage and execute your project in collaboration with your organization. You’ll get regular update reports along the way and marketing communication support.
Initial Strategic Consultationxxx
Business Assessment Reportxxx
Project Recommendationsxxx
Project Roadmapxxx
Dedicated Project Consultantxx
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Project Reportxx
Dedicated Project Strategistsx
Project Management & Executionx
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