How we work

Designing the right sustainability program for your business requires a collaborative approach. We are professionals at what we do, but no one knows your business, industry and stakeholders better than you and your team.

Inquire to learn

The topography of your industry and your positioning

To design a successful framework for your sustainability initiative, we first need to get to know your business. We need to know your industry, your brand, your competitors, your customers and suppliers, the ins-and-outs of your value chain, the sustainability business goals you aspire to and the strategies you have implemented. This business assessment report allows us to determine the scope of work.

Plotting the chart to success

Once we have agreed on the scope of the project, this is where we collaboratively devise a strategic roadmap. First, we draft an overarching framework to serve as a compass to chart our course toward your sustainability goals. Next, we plot each step of the way in a high-level project management tool so we can later assign roles and responsibilities to each team members and get started!

Collaborate to inspire

Designing your optimal team for performance

It’s now time to build your sustainability team. This process requires thoughtful planning as we need to identify key individuals within your organization who can champion the execution of your initiative. Once your side of the team is curated, we integrate it with ours to form a blended team and then define its core and outer layers. Overall, your sustainability team needs to be cross-functional, multi-layered, vertically integrated and most importantly, report directly to the CEO.

Drilling down to the core of your operations

In essence, this is the data collection phase. This step is fundamental to establish your company’s baseline. We identify both quantitative and qualitative data for the business activities relevant to your chosen sustainability goals and compile it all in a centralized data hub for accessibility ease. Then, finally we get into the analytics.

Innovate to lead

Designing winning strategies and putting them to the test

With your company’s status quo in one hand and your sustainability endeavours in the other, this is where we get creative. It’s now time for us to identify KPIs, set targets and collectively brainstorm strategies that are in alignment with your overall business direction. Every initiative needs to be rigorously assessed for their long-term viability and impact on the daily operations of your company and stakeholders. Often, this may take the initial form of a pilot project that can be then rolled out at a greater scale later.

On-boarding your company as a whole

Engaging in sustainable best-practices is an integrative process that involves everyone at all levels of your business. As such, we need to ensure that all personnel understand what this means for them. How it impacts their day-to-day function and, most importantly, how they can contribute to be part of the driving force that will help the company reach new heights. This is where we launch a first phase communication network to share initiatives and open feedback channels with your internal stakeholders.

Communicate to show we care and celebrate success

Fostering the change from within

Transitions are never easy, but they are much easier with a clear steady vision, some encouragement and a healthy dose of acknowledgement. At this stage, your team is blazing ahead, checking off tasks and milestones and your company is well on its journey into sustainability. To keep the momentum, this is where we ensure that you have built-in recognition strategies as well as change mitigation tactics to assist in bridging each phase. The key to a successful sustainability program is its careful integration into your organizational culture.

Sharing your growth with the world

By now your company has some tangible results, so it is time to engage in the second communication phase and announce your sustainability initiative to your external stakeholders. This is the opportune moment to expand your corporate values beyond your organization and bolster your brand. Here, we support you by substantiating your commitments with full reports and collaborate with your marketing team to create just the right message for customers, suppliers, investors and the world at large. Depending on your sustainability endeavours this is also a great time to start building social capital and develop industry advocacy. The only limitation is your company’s ambition!